SCU/MP Sends Memorial to Newtown, CT

The memorial is in memory of the horrific event in Newtown that will forever mark one of the darkest days in all of our lives. Although this did not directly take place in our community, we are all directly affected, as parents, as coaches, as guardians of children. Each pair of cleats has been directly donated by members of our soccer club and are given as a collective gesture of support in this memorial.   We have strung new laces of pink or blue, one for each little boy and girl. You see 6 captain’s arm bands that honor those individuals that gave their own lives in sacrifice for these children. We at South Carolina United Mount Pleasant FC have kept one cleat from each pair and sent the other cleat in memorial to Newtown, CT. We do this as to tie us in continuous memory and love of those that were lost and to honor those who’s lives have been forever changed. It is our hope that this small gesture will help lift the spirits of even one person in this broken community.