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(6/12/2012) Fall 2013-Spring 2015 Uniforms

(12/28/2012) SCU/MP Sends Memorial

(8/23/2012) Past Club Champions 2011-2012

(8/23/2012) Past Club Champions 2010-2011

(10/1/2011) New Soccer Complex Opens

(10/1/2011) Winter Striker Camp

(10/1/2011) 97 Girls Palmetto Off to Great Start

(7/13/2011) Battery Host English Championship Team

(7/13/2011) 96 Girls at Regionals

(7/1/2011) Joe Amon earns U17 World Cup Roster Spot

(5/22/2011) Huge Success at State Cup

(5/13/2011) Five Teams Compete for SCYSA Challenge State Cup Title

(4/29/2011) Junior Academy Newsletter April 29

(4/1/2011) Junior Academy Newsletter April 1

(4/1/2011) 2011 Battery Bash

(3/7/2011) CW-Flowers Restroom Renovations

(3/1/2011) Junior Academy Summer Training Dates Announced

(3/1/2011) Select Summer Training Dates Announced

(2/23/2011) Joe Amon Helps US Qualify for World Cup

(2/15/2011) New Agreement Reached with Town of Mount Pleasant

(2/5/2011) Dusty Bailey Signs with USC- Upstate

(2/5/2011) KenAndra Desaussure Signs with Charleston Southern University 

(2/5/2011) Hilary Ferguson Signs with Lander 

(2/5/2011) Megan Fish Signs with Central Florida

(2/5/2011) Twohig Signs with COFC

(2/1/2011) SCU/MP on the U16 Development Academy

(1/26/2011) Players Participate in ODP Program

(1/26/2011) 94 Boys Elite Enjoy Success at Concorde Fire College Combine

(1/4/2011) Winter Training Options

(1/2/2011) Academy JMG Camp

(12/20/2010) Striker Camp

(12/16/2010) Club News Update

(11/30/2010) SCU/MP Golf Tournament: Friends, Fun & a Huge Success

(11/28/2010) JMG Academy Coaches Clinic

(11/18/2010) SCU/MP Annual Golf Tournament

(9/20/2010) Blood Drive a Success

(9/25/2010) SCU/MP Host Blood Drive

(9/21/2010) SCU/MP Players Make Academy Debut

(9/17/2010) SCU/MP Players Make College Committment

(9/14/2010) SC United Mount Pleasant Night at COFC Match

(9/1/2010)  SCU/MP 96 Girls Elite Player chosen for Region III team event

(8/24/2010) Battery Host USL-2 Final

(8/16/2010) SCU/MP Trip to Europe in Post & Courier

(8/8/2010) SCU/MP Players Win 3v3 Tournament

(8/1/2010) Team Coaching Staff Assignments

(7/25/2010) Weslake Earns National Team Honors

(7/20/2010) SV Holzminden’s Visit to Mount Pleasant

(7/15/2010) Business Manager & Tournament Manager

(6/13/2010) Players Travel to JMG

(4/18/2010) SC United FC Mount Pleasant Announcement